Where to find freelance jobs in 2017

You have decided to quit you 9-5 job and try yourself as a freelancer? Or maybe you want to make some additional income taking small freelance projects in your free time? Either way, before you get to know how deep is the rabbit’s hole you need to decide cooperation with which freelance platform is the most beneficial for you as a beginner in 2017.

Obviously, different freelance platforms charge freelancers and businesses differently. Some of them charge companies, while others – make profit by commissioning freelancers’ income. After making extensive research, we at latestsmmtrends.com make our own list of freelance platforms where you can start your freelance journey.

I recommend you to start with PeoplePerHour.com, Guru.com, Upwork.com and Freelancer.com. In the framework of this post, I will not reflect each and every pros and cons of these platforms, you can figure it out by yourself. Nevertheless, each of these websites deserves your attention. Personally I found Upwork’s interface the most attractive and user-friendly, while interface of freelancer.com is looking too old and not so convenient in my humble opinion. It should be noted that these platforms invested in development of their own tests, which help to evaluate freelancer’s knowledge of particular field of activity like social media management or software development. This was made to help businesses make a right call in finding a freelancer for particular project.

All these platforms allow you to apply for a limited fracture of orders every month. If you want more bids, you have to switch to paid account, which provides you with unlimited access to employers’ network. However, I would like to highlight that in my opinion the most reliable platforms for today are PeoplePerHour.com and Guru.com. For instance, our clients constantly complained that Upwork’s bids too often were remained unanswered. Moreover, Upwork charges freelancers with 20% commission on all orders.

It is essential to note that in 2017 all these platforms apply a common approach and competition among freelancers significantly exceeds the demand, especially at freelancer.com. You can send us an email, listing all your skills, assets and work experience. We do not charge you for registration or apply any commission. Latestsmmtrends still applies individual approach with the aim to find the best freelancer possible to meet our clients’ needs and budget.  I encourage you to take time and fill in the form for freelancers or Post a Job, if you seeking to find a suitable candidate for your project.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that in 2017 freelancer’s reputation remains one the most important aspect while companies or individuals make decision to cooperate with particular freelancer.

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Where to find freelance jobs in 2017?
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