Snippet is a small piece of text of a web page content, which can be seen during search engine results. Every website owner wants its website to appear on Google’s first page. However, it is essential to note that your website still needs to have an attractive phrase (snippet), because even if your website appears on the first page, user can ignore it due to vague description. Recent studies show that a typical person running his eyes over the rows of search results spends about 2 seconds on every description, including an address of a website.

Google search snippet

Previously, search snippet was taken from meta description tag of a website, but today the search engines ignore basic tags in snippet formation. It is done to make sure that the same page will not be issued in various forms of search request. In addition, today’s search engines are close to human logic and try to make sure that content of web pages is in accordance with search request. It should be noted that for different search engines snippets are formed differently.

Of course, SEO-optimizers try to influence formation of a snippet by manipulating with content in page texts, as well as content and size of tags. However, modern search engine technologies that filter low-quality websites improve constantly. The golden rule remains the same: content of a website is above all to the search engines.

Various studies illustrate that incorrectly created snippet cuts up to 60 percent of website’s visitors. This means website owner loses profits! Make description of you website and you will not lose those, who have already found you! In addition, a snippet can be a clue to the search engines. If website description text includes keywords, it will be an advantage. Crawler will be able to more accurately define search parameters of a website. As well, it can even lift a website with optimized snippet in search results.

Do not ignore the rules of search engine optimization and fill in TITLE and DESCRIPTION fields of every web page. Optimized snippet attracts targeted visitors, even if website is not in the 1-2 position in search results. Sometimes a website with optimized snippet, located on 3-4 place of search results gets more visitors than the first two websites.

What is snippet and why it is so important?
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