Top trends 2017 - Freelance and outsourcing

Without any doubts, freelance and outsourcing are the biggest trends in 2017. Companies and businesses all over the world try to optimize their budgets and begin to use freelance not just once, but on a constant basis. In today’s world, the winning strategy consists in keeping your expenses low and hence, provide your clients with the best possible price for your goods and services. It means that instead of maintaining a number of positions in your company on a permanent basis, it is more wise to minimize them only to the most essential ones. In other words, your company or business should have only the most important, indispensable employees. Everything else, especially temporary jobs should be outsourced.

This is primarily true when it comes to specific activities that require long-term training of employees, or presence of certain equipment and infrastructure. For instance, advertising and marketing functions for small businesses may well be delegated to outsourcing company or freelancers. Needless to say that with a rapid technological development, freelance in 2017 has become a primary way of outsourcing. It is quite common when businesses from Australia or the United States delegate their jobs to freelancers in India or Eastern Europe.

It should be mentioned that benefits derived from outsourcing include: cost reduction of functions transferred to outsource through scale effect, which is achieved when same operations at the same time are carried out for multiple clients. In addition, specialization of an outsourcer (freelancer) in a narrow professional field allows him or her to achieve a higher quality of work than ordinary multi-task employee.

Small businesses may conclude a standard contract of employment with a freelancer. It may also include a supplementary agreement on the free working hours, fixed-term employment contract or a civil contract, providing for payment upon delivery of services. It is important to remember that a contract should include responsibility for failure of freelance deadlines and obligation, if necessary, to adjust already performed work.

To sum it up I would like to say that 2017 is a great time to start using outsourcing and freelance services. It is cheaper, more convenient and often leads to better results than contracting an employee for a permanent basis. If you are looking for experienced freelancer, post a job here and we will find a suitable candidate that meets your highest expectations!

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Top trends 2017 – Freelance and outsourcing among others
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