• What is the role of description meta tag?

  • Recommendations for composing ‘description’ tag

What is SEO ‘description’ and how to use it correctly?

Description meta tag is a part of the head-block in an HTML-code of a web page. It displays a brief text that you have entered in order to bring main content of your web page to both users and search engines. For instance, for a blog main targets of promotion are articles, sharpened under certain keywords (usually phrases).

The ultimate goal of using meta description tag is its penetration as a snippet to search results, where it is located under a heading of a relevant document (web page). Its main purpose there is to raise interest of a user, who is looking for information with a particular search query. Without any doubts, well-composed description tag as a part of a snippet is able to attract a large number of visitors to a website.

There are situations when a website, located at the end of a top ten search results attracts more users than the top three due to a well-written description. That is the magic power of description meta tag.
It also is its main task, because description has minimal impact on web page ranking.

Recommendations for composing ‘description’ tag.

1. Description should reflect content of a web page as succinctly as possible. Crazy rhythm of today’s life determines behavior of users, who quickly run through information provided in search results. It is important to catch their attention with well-composed description.

2. Put basic information at the beginning and in the middle of description, because in a snippet length of description is shortened within the limits of approximately 160 characters.

3. Compose readable meta description. It must be written by a human being – simple and clear, without any confusions.

4. Be sure that description corresponds to page content. If you are supplementing your web page with fresh information, do not forget to update description as well. Search engines track such changes.

5. It is important to create a unique description. Each page of your website or blog must comply with exclusive description. There should not be any duplicates in principle. This is an absolute necessity.

In contrast to ‘title’ meta tag, ‘description’ has insignificant impact to website ranking in search results. If you do not put keywords in title, then your website will not be SEO-optimized. In turn, the absence of keywords in description will not have any significant impact on the ranking.

Properly compiled description tag can significantly increase a number of visitors to your website. Ideally, description should complement title with valuable information for users.

What is SEO ‘description’ and how to use it correctly?