Keywords meta tag and modern SEO optimization

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  • Keywords meta tag in modern SEO

To start with, it should be noted that content of keywords meta tag consists of keywords for promotion of a particular web page. In turn, keywords, which promote a website as a whole, are usually written to promote its main page.

If you have difficulty with selection of keywords, use Google Keyword Planner. If you have to write keywords for a particular page, then keep in mind that it is not necessary to put them all into this meta tag, since thereby you provoke search engines on imposition of sanctions for spam. Specify 5-7 phrases maximum.

At the dawn of SEO optimization, search engines had very few tools to regulate ranking and relevancy of documents (web pages) in search results. One of such tools was keywords meta tag. Search engine robots analyzed whether keywords contain key phrases and compliance of their number to a number found in a content of a web page. Increasing market competition created a situation where the most basic methods were used to enter the upper position. Namely, meta keywords tag was mercilessly exploited. Everyone pushed a lot of keywords into this tag and an article itself not caring about quality of a material. Gradually, search engine ranking algorithms were changed and nowadays, Google is able to separate useful content from outright spam. It can be said that with this, the era of the meta keywords tag has come to an end.

Today, SEO value of meta keywords has been basically reduced to zero. Google officially announced its complete disregard. So, should you use meta keywords tag in SEO? Taking into account all written above, it can be firmly said that no, you should not. Moreover, its incorrect use may result in sanctions by the search engines because there are still strict penalties for spam.

Summing up the last three posts, I would like to draw the following conclusion. Title tag is absolutely essential SEO instrument as it affects not only ranking, but also behavior of users who find it through keywords in search results and visit your website.

Description has much less impact as a factor that directly determines access to Google top positions. However, well-established meta description is able to attract visitors from search results, especially if your content logically complements your title tag.

Finally, it is safe to say that meta keywords is now does not affect positively any of the above aspects. Moreover, its inappropriate use may lead to punishment of a website for spam. This is the price of its former use as an easy and affordable mean of getting to the top.

Keywords meta tag and modern SEO optimization