When I get asked this question I just answer – just start. If you trust your gut feeling that this option will be best for you – then that is what it will be.

There are two options you may be facing:

  1. you have a job you hate and salary is low.
  2. you have a job you hate but salary is high.

 How can I become a freelancer?

If your option is first then things are simple – you just leave. Then you come home, open your laptop and register on all freelance marketplaces where you can find work. If you already have some other plan or some ongoing projects then it’s even better. Just don’t complicate things when you really dislike your work and they payment is not what you think you deserve at the moment.

If your option is second – it’s harder, but you should also leave. If you are working somewhere and thinking about some other work or constantly applying online to find some better option and you can’t find it, then there is nothing to pity about your current work that you dislike. If you believe that you deserve better work, no matter the salary that you get, even if it is high you can be stressed and unhappy about your work. If you find motivation (still having a lot of fear maybe) to leave your current job, then you should do it. There are millions of freelancers who have chosen to rely on themselves and to work remotely, from home or a cafe, to feel more freedom and to feel that they can make better choices for themselves, to follow a dream, etc.

You are definitely not alone in this area and each month more and more people leave offices and choose freelance lifestyle instead, as work-life balance is becoming more and more desired. Many people start thinking more philosophically about their lives and the routines they have, that is why the risk of freelance is worth it. The bottom line: just leave the work you dislike, leave without regrets and give a chance to your intuition that made you think of changing your lifestyle, despite that you might be very scared and uncertain about the future. It is important to remember that control is an illusion and all we can do is make choices while we still can.

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How can I become a freelancer?
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