Here’s how to get paid by companies ( A solution for freelancers) 2017

Solution for freelancers: If you, as a freelancer, are looking for a method to get paid by companies, and you are not considering bank transfer or PayPal, then you can keep reading. Nowadays, one of the Leading Payment Solutions for Freelancers & Companies is Payoneer Freelancers all over the world are choosing various payment methods, most profitable for them, and Payoneer is definitely one of the best (or the best).

Payoneer, as a payment option is used at the most popular freelance marketplaces in the world – Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, 99designs and Fiverr. When you register at Payoneer, you can order your MasterCard in USD, EURO and/or GBP. Automatically, you get a Virtual account in the US, Europe and UK. You can add your funding sources such as PayPal,, upwork, etc. and get paid easily. This is almost the only option available with lowest tariffs if you can not open a PayPal account.

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Here’s how to get paid by companies (A solution for freelancers) 2017
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