Day by day freelancing becomes more and more popular. Of course, as any other working method, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Freelance can be characterized as a form of remote employment, especially valuable if you are living in small rural towns. In such places, freelance often is the only opportunity to find a job that allows a specialist to fulfill  his / her professional potential and get a decent pay.

Freelance is conquering the world. Why so? #2017

Freelance services are already sufficiently developed in North America across Europe. As well, freelance is conquering new markets in China and India. Nowadays, this sphere attracts new participants from both freelancers, offering their services and on the part of individuals and organizations willing to hire specialists ready to remote cooperation. It should be mentioned that for modern professionals freelance is a boundless way to earn money and to some extent is an alternative to permanent job in regular companies and enterprises. That is why thousands of experts and professionals have already embraced freelance.

With the raise of freelance, in 2017 specialists all over the world will have a choice: whether to trust an employer and receive regular salary moving up a career ladder, or to organize personal career themselves, finding orders and customers. In some sense, a freelancer can be considered as a person that runs his / her own business. It allows freelancers to better organize their day, allocating time for important events, such as first baseball game of a child and overall maintain better work-life balance.

In 2017 there will be even more attractive freelance possibilities than there were in record-high 2016. Thus, more dedicated professionals will have an opportunity to work independently and remotely. All you need is computer and internet connection. Software and web developers, designers and journalists, copywriters and marketing specialists, translators and analysts may find attractive remote jobs today. As a rule, freelancers and employers find each other without intermediaries. You can either offer your services through the Internet, newspaper ads or a word of mouth or you can respond and offer your services to job offers posted by employers.

Freelance is conquering the world. Why so? #2017
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