Freelance is conquering the world 2017

It will not be an overstatement to say that nowadays freelance is conquering the world. According to “Freelancing in America: 2016” survey, prepared by Freelancers Union in 2014 there were more than 53 million of freelancers in the U.S. alone. Think about it. This is 35% or one third of the total workforce of the most powerful country in the world. Of course, it should be mentioned that America is ahead of the rest in this issue. Nevertheless, the trend is obvious. Freelance is rapidly growing worldwide. In particular, by 2020, a number of freelancers in the U.S. economy will account at least 50% of the workforce.

This is big. But why do young people choose to become freelancers? First in foremost, freelance gives people an opportunity to be their own boss. Young professionals prefer to escape 9-5 job and plan their work schedule themselves. Sometimes, they can work like hell from 8 to 23 without any dinner, and sometimes, take a day-off and relax. It means that people want to be masters of their destinies and take crucial decisions themselves. As well, rapid technological development allowed people in many industries to work remotely. It is not necessary to be at office to perform your duties anymore. More and more people in IT, marketing, coaching and other fields of activity can save time they usually spend on commuting or business trips and be more productive from home. Such applications as Slack, Evernote, Omniplan and others allow them to plan their time wisely, as well as effectively communicate with colleagues.

What does it mean to you? Freelance is trending and this is a fact. If you want to be at the front edge of this huge change, take action now! You still need to develop your skills to be considered a professional. However, with freelance, there is no need to devote your time to one company anymore. By becoming a freelancer, you can sell your skills to the highest bidder and therefore, earn more. In addition, freelance gives you a variety of different opportunities. In other words, your projects for different companies will never be the same. It means that your professional routine will inevitably become more interesting and fascinating. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to our growing list of freelance professionals or post a job if you are looking for one of them. Your time has come!

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Freelance is conquering the world 2017
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