What is Email Marketing and why do I need it? Part 2

  • How to interact with customers?
  • Key performance indicators of email marketing

How to interact with customers.
You should keep in mind that interest in your products or services is decreasing constantly. That is why interaction with customers from your database should be regular. There are different types of email campaigns, usage of which will maintain a positive image in your contacts with clients.

1. Announcements.
This type of emails is used for announcing global developments that are relevant to your company or industry you work in. Such letters need to pay full attention to the events and minimize commercial information.

2. Informers.
This type of emails is usually used to share information that will be interesting to a user and reinforce his / her interest in your product (articles, useful links).

3. Promotional emails.
The most desirable form of letters for sellers and least favorite among customers. You need to be extremely careful with this type of emails. When used properly and and strengthened by a good offer, it provides conversions to your website. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind: do not impose a purchase or participation – aggressive email marketing does not work! Do not abuse your potential customers with letters of this kind – it is better to “prepare your customers for future sales instead.

An important point: an incorrectly composed sales letter can quickly take your offer to spam folder.

4. Transaction emails.
Do not forget to notify users of actions they perform on your website (pending orders, new arrivals, etc.)

5. Complimentary emails.
Take care of your clients – congratulate them with important holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Labor’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

Key performance indicators of email marketing.

1. A number of subscribers – the more is the final number of subscribers, the more effect can be achieved.

2. A number of openings – this figure indicates how many recipients read your letter. Low rates points out shortcomings of your email marketing strategy.

3. A number of emails that went to spam folder – this indicator demonstrates a level of your obtrusiveness, as well as a quality of an audience gathered in your mailing list.

4. Conversion – this figure illustrates percentage of transactions after your email campaign. This is a key indicator if you use email marketing to increase your sales.

In conclusion, I would like to say that email marketing is still one of the most effective tools of Internet marketing. It gives great results when used correctly. Before introduction of email marketing, you need to build a competent strategy of its implementation and further development. As well, it is essential to constantly take care of a content that you offer to your customers through email campaign.

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What is Email Marketing and why do I need it? Part 2
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