What is Email Marketing and why do I need it? Part 1

  • What is email marketing?
  • How to build a customer database?

While majority of marketing specialists today are carried away with Social Media Marketing, email-marketing still works and remain very effective marketing tool. In this post I would like to discuss what is email marketing and why do you need need.

Email-Marketing is a type of marketing, which involves communication with your target audience via e-mail. Through such cooperation you can support long-term contacts with both business partners and customers. The main advantages of email marketing are low costs and its high efficiency, achieved through direct contact with potentially interested audience. In turn, the main disadvantage of this method lies in its complexity of implementation. You need a  competent development strategy to collect customers database and creative ideas to maintain effectiveness of your email campaigns. Also, email marketing is often wrongly associated with spam. However, despite its complexity and ambivalence of customers to this type of marketing, it still delivers great results.

How to build a customer database.
To collect a customer database you should use both so-called “Internet” methods (collecting emails from customers during purchases or thorough questionnaires) and “online” methods, which I would like to consider more precisely:

1. The main method of collecting email addresses is a subscription form on a website.
It should be placed in a way that was easy to notice, but do not make it too obtrusive. An appeal must be original and motivational to make a customer to leave his / her email (offer a discount, additional features, benefits, etc. in exchange for a subscription).

2. You can use “subscribe” field in new user registration form. Do not forget that a user should be given a choice (usually such field is supplied with “tick”, which he or she can remove and not to subscribe to a newsletter). Also, do not forget to describe benefits of your subscription (if there are no benefits at a moment – you can always create them). It should be mentioned that such step increases interest in your offer.

3. Drawings, offers and promotions on a website. If your target audience does not want to leave emails in the first two cases, you can always create an advertising campaign. A requirement for participation in this advertising campaign will be subscription to a newsletter.

If you want to create an effective email marketing campaign, please follow this link.

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What is Email Marketing and why do I need it? Part 1
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