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To start with, it should be noted that there are both advantages and disadvantages of email marketing. Obviously, the main advantage of email marketing lies in the fact that you can send the same email to enormous number of people simultaneously. Moreover, each email can be personalized, that is, goes with a name of a recipient. Any company that is interested in increasing customer loyalty should use email marketing. This method helps to increase demand for goods or services. However, despite many advantages, email marketing also has some drawbacks.

Advantages of email marketing. Marketing is a discipline that uses different instruments to attract and retain customers’ attention. Sending newsletter emails is one of them. It has many advantages. Among them are:

  • Saving time and money. Modern email marketing software allows sending hundreds of emails in minutes with minimal costs.
  • Efficiency. Sending newsletter by e-mail in a timely manner helps to convey relevant information to company’s subscribers.
  • Long-term relationships. With correct approach, a company or business can build trust relationships with its customers. They will eagerly wait for next newsletter.
  • Ability to analyze. Sender can analyze chosen strategy to determine its effectiveness. If necessary, a company can make adjustments to email marketing campaign.
  • Round-the-clock job. Modern software allows sending emails in convenient format at any time. You can even schedule convenient time for newsletter depending on customers’ region.

It is important to mention that main advantages of email marketing also include sales and profit growth and overall prosperity of a business. Of course, to achieve such results, it is necessary to consider and properly implement an email marketing campaign. That is why it is essential to delegate your email marketing campaign to professionals, such as We will be with you every step of the way and help you to achieve your marketing goals.

Disadvantages of email marketing. In a thoughtful approach, messages sent by e-mail, will benefit a company. However, if you fail to comply with certain rules, there is a possibility of a zero result. In other words, you need to properly draw a newsletter and send it only to interested customers. In case of a mistake, there is a high probability of obtaining a negative reaction. Users can simply click ‘spam’ and complain of unwanted email. However, It turns out that the only considerable disadvantage of sending letters by email is a risk of being banned. That is why that email marketing is gaining new followers in 2017.

Advantages and disadvantages of Email Marketing 2017 – LatestSMMtrends
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